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Physical Demands
Expect higher than normal physical demands. As the players’ ages increase and the competitive levels increase, the physical demands will rise. You will be required to run several miles to properly position yourself. You are often expected to do several games in a day.

Initial Training:
Expect lectures, demonstration and exercises on the basic rules at local association meetings.

Equipment Needs:

  • Polished, black athletic shoes; cleated or flat—bottomed
  • Black knee socks with three white strips at the top
  • Black shorts
  • A specialized blue shirt with white collars and cuffs, short—sleeves or long—sleeves
  • Referee tools: A watch, whistle, pencil, note paper, coin, red card, yellow card and a blue card
  • Estimated cost: $200 if you have soccer shoes. Sometimes, veteran referees have "hand—me—downs" that help new referees get started

There are alternate red and gold jerseys available when colors clash with the competing teams. There are variations in patterns and shades, so discuss your purchase with a veteran referee to ensure you buy an authorized shirt.

Game fees:
Click here for a listing of Games Fees


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