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Physical Demands
Expect normal physical demands. As the players’ ages increase and the competitive levels increase, the physical demands will rise. You will be required to jog several times to properly position yourself. You will stand several hours on end, occasionally in high heat.

Initial Training:
Expect lectures, demonstration and exercises on the basic rules at local association meetings.

Equipment Needs:

  • Polished, black athletic shoes. Either turf shoe or flat—bottom
  • Black socks
  • Gray slacks. Check with local association
  • A specialized powder blue shirt. Some associations wear a red or navy golf shirt
  • Black leather belt
  • A cap. Get a sized one rather than an adjustable
  • Officiating tools: pencil and indicator

Equipment needed for the plate umpire:

  • A mask with a throat protector
  • An inside chest protector
  • A cup (for men)
  • Shin guards
  • Plate brush
  • Ball bag
  • Protective plate shoe
  • Estimated cost: $350. Sometimes, veteran umpires have "hand—me—downs" that help new umpires get started

Game fees:
Click here for a listing of Games Fees


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